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#DigitalDialogue with Ciprian Ursu, Vulcast SA, Belgium

Vulcast is a Belgium foundry located in Messancy, with more than 30 years of experience in special castings (high chrome iron and steel). The main products are for the dredging industry and cement/ mining industry. We have know-how in special castings and our focus is to improve and develop solutions for our clients and to develop new business areas in other domains.


Metalshub: Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Ciprian Ursu, I am 30 years old and I was born in Romania (Timisoara). My professional knowledge is based on 9 years of experience from the mechanical industry.

Now, I live in Belgium and I work in VULCAST SA since June 2019. I have the responsibilities to purchase raw materials, consumables and subcontract external services.

My job is to identify the right products/ best services for our needs and to add value to our final product as well as to increase the competitiveness of our company in the market.

Metalshub: How did you end up working in the metals industry?

In 2011, I started to work in a swiss aluminium foundry located in Romania. For 1 year I was involved in every department from production. After this experience, I was promoted to manage the PPS department (production planning system) and assistant production manager for 2 years.

In 2014, I decided to grow, and I took the challenge to work in a consulting company where I was project manager. For 3 years, I managed projects for Automotive industry (Die-casting), Rail industry (Machining), Industrial parts (Foundry).

In 2017, I was very interested to grow my knowledge in the machining industry, and I took the challenge to be responsible for planning and to manage new projects in a Romanian company. I coordinated for 2.5 years the activity for 35 CNC machines and 100 employees.

Based on my past experience in foundries, project management and negotiation, in 2019 I decided to work for Vulcast SA.

Metalshub: What is special about your company and what is offers to customers?

Vulcast SA is specialized in developing the material to increase the life of the casted product.

We follow the interest of our customer to identify the right technical solution to reduce the costs.

Metalshub: How is your company leveraging new digital technologies – with what impact?

We worked with ERP systems, simulations programs, reports programs and we still invest to increase our value gain from new digital technologies.

The largest impact is on our efficiency and is converted into competitive advantages for the company.

Metalshub: What is your experience with the Metalshub platform so far?

From the beginning I saw the potential of this platform and being in the position of the buyer, this platform is the right tool to manage the contracts for raw materials for small and big companies. Using the platform, I am sure that I can find a large database of trust suppliers for several materials.

Other advantages are I do not need to write any emails, the various commercial languages available on the platform, and that Metalshub covers the entire cycle from order to delivery and even call-offs.

For me, Metalshub is saving time, adds value to the final product and is a transparent way to keep the relationship with our suppliers.

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