#DigitalDialogue with Camilla Crespi, Head of Purchasing at San Gregorio S.p.A. Fonderia Officina Meccanica

In this edition of our #DigitalDialogue series of interviews, we had the pleasure of speaking with Camilla Crespi, Head of Purchasing at San Gregorio S.p.A. Fonderia Officina Meccanica.


San Gregorio S.p.A. is a small medium-sized company located in Samarate in the province of Varese and has been operating in the iron and steel market since 1963, manufacturing cast iron cylinders and rolls for use in hot rolling mills for long products. It also offers services such as roll grinding/re-profiling and roll assembly. The company is deeply rooted in the territory and competes on the global market, operating in full respect of man and the environment.

What is your educational background and what attracted you to the procurement sector? What aspects of this job brings you the most satisfaction?

"Being a family business, I decided to follow a course of study that would lead to a contribution within it. Immediately after graduating with a degree in linguistic sciences, I started working in the administrative offices. After 3 years, I attended a master's course in CFO to deepen my economic and financial skills. Today, the purchasing office is where I have my main role, but it is not the only one. In a small and medium-sized enterprise, one person often carries out several tasks that, although different from each other, are intertwined in the company's operations. It is satisfying when one's own work improves that of others and thus the organisation of the company itself."

How do you consider the role of digital in the procurement process in general, and specifically for your work?

"I would describe the digital approach as convenient, quick, and personal. Often we do not have the time to dedicate ourselves exclusively to the procurement of raw materials, Metalshub makes it easier for us to organise ourselves; in fact, it gives us the possibility to request offers on the market in a single instant from a vast range of suppliers that we would never have reached with traditional methods. In addition to saving time, we have also expanded our contact list; contacts with whom we chat via the platform or by phone to define certain contractual conditions. Human contact has not been lost."

Do you find the Supplier Data Management Tool useful for assessing, and possibly accrediting, new suppliers?

"I think that by using it you can develop a network of reliable suppliers, thanks to the evaluation that each company provides based on its own experience, also considering the rating system between buyers and sellers."

This month we celebrated Women's Day; what messages do you bring to young women in the steel industry?

"Despite the fact that the sector has always been male-dominated, I notice that in recent years there has been an increasing female presence and, above all, they hold various working positions. I think that this situation can only continue to evolve, until we reach the equity that we see in other sectors."

What do you foresee for the Italian foundry sector in 2021, will it be a year of innovation or of further sacrifices?

"As far as our market is concerned, there is still talk of sacrifices, at least until the end of the first half of 2021. Hopefully, with the arrival of vaccines and therefore greater stability, the situation will unblock and we will really start to grow."

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