Counterparty Due Diligence on metalshub

Buying for the very first time from a new supplier or selling for the very first time to a new customer makes almost everyone feel a bit uncomfortable.


At metalshub we have developed a rigid Counterparty Due Diligence process which reduces your risk in dealing with less known companies significantly. We validate the identity of a company and assess the nature of the company’s activities. It keeps you safe. Let metalshub do the work for you!

Our metalshub counterparty due diligence process includes:

  • Sanctions checks
  • Compliance and business integrity checks
  • Reputational checks
  • Credit checks
  • REACH registration checks

These checks are performed when a company first registers with metalshub as well as on an ongoing basis. All activities are thoroughly documented to create a strong audit trail.

Moreover, you will be able to see how other counterparties have rated the transaction experience with a customer or supplier.

How does your counterparty due diligence and onboarding process look? How much time does your team spend on it? We are curious, please share your experiences!

Your metalshub team