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#DigitalDialogue with Jessie Liu from Chongqing Runji Far East Alloy

In this edition of our #DigitalDialogue series of interviews, we had the pleasure of speaking with Jessie Liu from Chongqing Runji Far East Alloy Based in Chongqing, China, Chongqing Runji Far East Alloy has been a manganese supplier on the Metalshub platform since August 2020.


Can you tell us about Runji Far East Alloy?

Runji is a private company that produces, researches, develops and sells metal high-tech products including alloy metal additives, silicon metal powder materials, grain refiners and other high-tech products. At present, it has 20 invention patents and 56 utility model patents, 70% of which are national strategic emerging products. Currently, Runji group has six subordinate factories, and the products cover Silicon and Manganese industry Chain. A complete production line from ore mine to production plants to the final products.

We supply monthly more than 7000mt quantity of Mn products to China domestic and overseas market. We plan to export more than 30,000mt Mn metal to Europe through Metalshub in 2021.

What is your experience with the Metalshub platform?

We are quite satisfied with Metalshub. It provides a good trading platform for us and end-users. We have a pleasant user experience with Metalshub. We hope to engage in business activities through this platform for a long time.

Where do you see the biggest difficulty for entering the EU market?

The price is the biggest difficulty for entering the EU market. The competition is fierce.

When talking to EU traders for Long-term contracts, where do you see Metalshub's potential to help?

We’d like to sign long-term contracts with the EU traders. We hope that Metalshub is able to increase our cooperation with EU customers. However, we face the issue that freight charges have fluctuated a lot recently. Therefore we would prefer to switch from CIF (Rotterdam) to FOB (China) for our long-term contracts.

What do you see the Mn Price will act in this quarter?

The Mn metal price is quite stable in China at this moment. We estimate that the price will increase in July as many Mn metal plants will pause for 30 days in July.

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