#DigitalDialogue with Ahmad Zarrien from Mtalx

Based in the UK, Mtalx was started over 20 years ago by Daniel Goldberg as a niche trading house. Over the years Mtalx has expanded its portfolio. We had the opportunity to interview Ahmad Zarrien, a trader at MTALX, with Martin and Zac joining in the conversation.


Tell us about yourself (Ahmad). What led you to work in this field?

I started working at in 2019, and did not have any previous experience in metals. It was by chance whilst walking my dog that I stumbled upon MTALX and landed in this position. My experience so far in the metals industry has been very enjoyable.


What products does Mtalx supply and what are Mtalx key strengths?

Our most active commodity is Silicon Metal. Additionally we trade Manganese, Ferro Silicon, Ferro Vanadium, Ferro Niobium, Manganese Metal, Ferro Molybdenum, Ferro Boron, Ferro Phosphorus, Ferro Chrome and Ferro Manganese. 

Our core values of integrity, reliability and service is our key strength. We pride ourselves in building and nurturing close relationships with our producers and consumers. With these strong values as drivers, Mtalx is constantly growing and seeking new talent join our team. 

What is the role of digital technologies in the raw materials trading sector during this covid19- pandemic?

Having started working in this industry at the start of Covid-19 I have not been able to meet any consumers to develop business, therefore having a platform where I can meet customers and build relationships has been instrumental to my personal growth within the company.

What is your experience with the Metalshub platform?

The Metalshub Platform is a great neutral marketplace for buyers and sellers. It has enlarged our exposure to new global customers previously difficult to reach.

Digitalise your metals procurement and sales process now. Find out how the Metalshub platform is able to help you reach new customers and find new suppliers. and be part of the 1100 companies that are already on board.

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