3D Printing Metal Market will grow to about $3 billion by 2025

The global 3D printing metals market is expected to reach about $3 billion by 2025. Metals are the fastest growing 3D printing material. 3D printing metals are typically utilized in two forms, filaments and powders.

Producers include ATI, Carpenter, Sandvik Osprey and HC Starck. The main metals used for 3D printing are:

  1. Titanium. Titanium accounted for the largest share in the 3D printing metals. Pure titanium is one of the most versatile, as it is both strong and light.
  2. Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel is considered the least expensive metal in 3D printing. It is one of the strongest metals and can be used in a large variety of industry.
  3. Nickel. Nickel is expected to witness an annual grow rate of 30% until 2025 in 3D printing applications. It is broadly utilized in aerospace & defense sector in the form of alloys such as inconel. High strength of the metal enables printing of thin layered strong components making the product lighter. It is also utilized to print power generation and industrial spare parts.

Other 3D printing metals include aluminum, cobalt, chrome, copper and silver.

With regards to the market, the aerospace and defense industries dominated and they are anticipated to grow by over 30% p.a.from 2016 to 2025. Besides, the medical and dental industry is expected to display considerable growth in the market. With regards to regional share, North America dominated the market share and is expected to display annual grow rate of over 30% in terms of revenue. Asia Pacific is anticipated to witness significant growth, driven by rapidly growing manufacturing sector and high economic development in China, India, and South East Asian countries. China is expected to record high growth in utilizing the technology in the automotive industry. Favorable government regulations are expected to bolster the market further across the country.

Key industry participants include Arcam AB, a company in Sweden that provides the technology for additive manufacturing of fully dense metal parts, electron beam melting; and ExOne GMBH, a global company in additive manufacturing technology, providing industrial 3D printing systems and services.

Whether you are a metal producer, trader or buyer, looking for future demand and technology trends should be a priority. Metalshub will keep you informed with many suggestions how you can participate in the high growth industry of 3D metal printing.

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